A dance teacher helps their students find the song in their heart,

the beat in their feet and a passion for life!

At Dance Revue we strive to meet the unique needs of each individual dancer. 

Our team consists of fully accredited and licensed instructors and personal trainers, 
all of whom have years of experience in various styles of dance and training, both group and personal. 


Dawn Ruzynski-Director & Instructor

I began my dance education later in life, I was in 6th grade when I signed up for my first set of studio dance classes...and that was the beginning of it all! I would have never guessed at that time what an impact dance would have on my life and how it would become my passion, my drive and my life! In the beginning I took tap, ballet and jazz classess. A year later, I fould myself entering the world of competitive dance where I added both pointe and musical theater. I danced at Stage Door under the guidance and instruction of Sue Anderson-Franks. While at Stage Door, I attended workshops and competitions on a regular basis. I also had the opportunities to travel with the studio to Chicago, St. Louis and New York where I took classes with some of the biggest names in the dance world at the time. I learned so many lessons in dance and life by having having the opportunities to travel for dance. In addition to studio dance, I was also a member of the Coon Rapids Cardettes Dance Line (that's what it was called in the '80's) while in high school as a member of the team, I attended several camps and competed in the State Dance Line Tournament. Those were some awesome times in my life, but my favorite part of being in studio dance and dance line was being able to perform for my peers and making life long friendships. I remember the performances, way more than the trophies that is for sure!

Terri Lillard-Assistant Director & Instructor

I began my dance training at the age of seven at Westonka School of Dance located in Mound, Minnesota. Any chance I could dance...I would, whether it was performing, taking class at the studio or going to a workshop. My junior year in high school I began teaching dance and I loved every minute of it! I knew that this was what I was meant to do! I was also a member of my high school dance team, along with being captain. I went on to win "Dancer of the Year" my senior year. After I graduated, I stayed at Westonka one more year dancing with my group and teaching full-time. I also started attending classes at Zoe Sealy Dance Center in Minneapolis, studying all styles of dance. Then the following year I moved to Evanston, Illinois to study at Giordano Dance Center, where I grew so much as a dancer with the opportunities the teachers gave me. Eventually I moved back to Minnesota and continued classes at Sealy's and started teaching dance for the Minneapolis School District. I'm proud to say that I have been with Dance Revue from the start! Along with teaching at the studio, I also taught dance through Anoka Hennepin's Community Education program for seven years. Also, Iam a member of the Professional Dance Teachers Association. Overall, as a teacher I want to inspire each dancer to be the best they can be and to help each student striveto reach their full potential.

Kari Weinmann-Instructor and Choreographer

Kari's dance journey began in 1996 when her parents enrolled her in an after school dance program at Ramsey Elementary School. Terri Lillard was the instructor. Kari had so much fun in the program that she wanted to take dance to the next level. Terri recommended a new studio that had just opened up, Dance Revue. When Kari attended her first class at Dance Revue, little did she know that she would be come a part of the studio for the next twenty years! Kari was first enrolled in a recreational class, then the very next year she made a competition line the "Rockets." That is when her true passion for dance exploded. Kari started teaching and choreographing at the early age of sixteen. Her main inspiration for her choreography and style was led by Derrick Schrader. She loved seeing her creations come to life on stage. Throughout the years of teaching and choreographing, her pieces have achieved first place high point awards, judges choice awards, choreography awards, and even call backs to perform for the national winning titles. Kari plans to continue teaching at Dance Revue, and is looking forward to the day she can share her passion with her first born girl Dahlia May, her most recent pride and joy.



Megan Heidemann-Instructor

 Callie Supan-Instructor

I began my dance journey at the young age of two and I can not believe, at 27, I am so lucky to still be involved! During those twenty five years, one year of training in particular stands out from the rest, this was the year I attended Minnesota Dance Theater. The tryout process was extremely nerve wracking, but I ended up being cast as a toy solider in the Loyce Holten's Nutcracker Fantasy. I spent the year taking strictly ballet and beginner pointe classes. This was a very unique experience from my other years of dance at the studio that were spent training simulaneously in various styles. I have always considered the studio a second home and a place to get away, leaving everything at the door when I walk in. It brings me so much happiness and joy to be working with children of all ages and dance experience. I may be the teacher, but I learn so much from the kids themselves during each class. I have also learned so much from my little sister, Megan. Her dedication, love and passion for dance is something that the two of us will always have in common. My goal as a teacher is more geared towards helping the dancers succeed/accomplish a goal by the end of the year. The look on their face is PRICELESS when their goal is reached. While some dance teachers at our studios favorite part is getting to choreograph, I enjoy getting the dances "stage ready!" Cleaning dances and gaining the synchronization really allows the choreographer's picture to come to life and is definitely the area of dance that I enjoy the most as a teacher. Other than teaching at the studio, you can find me rhinestoning costumes, helping dancers one-on-one, or just chatting with dancers/parents to get to know them better.


Preston Stockert-Instructor

Preston is a Twin Cities dancer, choreographer and educator who has been teaching since the age of fifteen. His experiences in education began in North Dakota under the studio in which he received training himself. While receiving his BFA in Dance from the University ofMinnesota, he continued educating through workshops and intensives throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Preston has instructed dancers regularly at St. Paul Ballet, other Minnesota dance studios and academies, and has worked with other dance schools and institutions through his own freelance work. As for his dance career, he has had the pleasure of working for St. Paul Ballet, Threads Dance Project, Continental Ballet as well and Cities Classical Dance Ensemble. In 2015, Preston was included in MPR's Memorable Minnesotan's of 2014, and has continued to make impressions in Minnesota publications since. Preston is looking forward to the possibilities this next teaching season has to offer, and is proud to be instructing at Dance Revue.


Monique Young-Dutton-Instructor

Monique Young was born and raised in East Riverside, California where she was formally trained in jazz, tap, ballet, modern, lyrical, and hip hop at Bre Dance Studio. Monique received a full track and field scholarship to Northern Arizona University. She graduated from NAU with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology and Sociology. In 2008 Monique was working as a social worker, when she decided to get back into the dance and entertainment industry. Monique auditioned for the Arena Football Arizona Rattlers dance team called the Sidewinders. She danced one full season with the Sidewinders. Mo made it for a second season, however the season of the AFL was cancelled. Early 2009 Monique auditioned and danced for Michael Jackson during the casting of the This Is It tour in Los Angeles. Monique was briefly featured in the film This Is It later that year. In July 2009 Monique decided to audition for the Phoenix Suns Dancers. She made the team for the first time auditioning. Throughout her three years with the Suns, Mo was asked to choreograph new and fun routines. Monique went on two international trips with her time with the Phoenix Suns Dancers to Barcelona, Spain and Hong Kong. She also split seasons dancing for the Phoenix Suns and WNBA Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop Squade. Monique was apart of the hip hop squade for two years and she had the time of her life. Towards the end of Monique's NBA seasons she began doing her own thing dancing and choreographing for various musical artists, dance studios and more industry work. Monique worked with The Motown group The Miracles put on several local concerts in Arizona and now are on the road touring. She has also worked with choreographers at Manhattan Dance Project conventions such as Justin Timberlake's choreographer Marty Kudelka and Step Up star Misha Gabriel. In 2014 Monique became the coach for the NBA Phoenix Suns Dance Kids team. Monique always enjoyed working with young dancers and being a mentor for them. While coaching she continued to teach at several dance studios in Arizona. In April 2015 Monique took a trip to San Francisco that would change her life. Monique got engaged and made the legendary Oakland Raiders Raiderettes. This was Monique's first time dancing for an NFL Cheerleading team. Late 2015 Monique accepted the job as the Dance and Entertainment Manager for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx. As the dance and entertainment manager she oversees all the performance groups for the Timberwolves and the Lynx. The performance teams range from The Pups ages 6-14 years old, 612 Hip Hop Crew, Senior Dancers, 1st Ave Breakers and the Timberwolves Dance Team. With her time with the Timberwolves she has made a major impact such as tripling the audition sizes for each performance team and increasing the size of each team as it appears on the court. She brought in world renowned choreographers such as Matt Steffanina, Dana Alexa, Oscar Hernandez and Cyrian Reed. Mo also choreographed and directed live shows for Bel Biv Devoe, Montel Jordan, Skee-lo and the Treasure Island Timberwolves Dancers Selection Show. Her passion and her heart for the art of dance and performing  electrifies all her students in her classes and her workshops internationally to adequately prepare them. Her long experience as ana educator will turn you into the dancer you want to become. Along with her versatility will make you become a stronger and sharper mover. You will learn how to flow between different styles of dance and find your groove. Monique is known for bringing heat and magic into class and dance teams so don't miss the Mo Experience!